I am always working on new music, either writing, arranging, recording, mixing, transcribing, practicing, etc.  I completed my Master of Fine Arts in Game Audio in Music at ThinkSpace in 2018. Thus I have been writing a lot of game-style music, much of which you can find on my soundcloud page: www.soundcloud.com/tfbremer.  This is the most current music I have been writing.  Here is my stream:

I have done commercial work for Dow Agrosciences.  I created all of the music and sound design as well as recorded the voice over for the following spots:

The following are game audio redesigns.  I created all of the audio.  


Nine Worlds Ensemble is the chamber group I run.  More information on us at www.nineworldsensemble.com.  Our debut album, "The Seasons" is a double album of music inspired by nature and activities all year round.

A second album is currently being written.

Great Stone Stories is my third album, released September 22, 2013 at the Des Plaines Theatre, in Des Plaines, IL.  The album is a collection of Native American folktales set to my unique brand of progressive pop/rock.  Highly listenable, the album appeals to all ages and a wide variety of tastes.   

Set in a 2-act format, complete with a full orchestral overture and entr'acte, the album is in story style with the Great Stone providing narrations that provide additional explainations of the stories.  The primary band features a variety of instruments seldom heard in combination: flute, violin, viola, trombone, mallet percussion, guitars, bass, drums, and up to three singers on some tracks.  More info (including lyrics) can be found here:  Great Stone Stories

This is an original piece I wrote for Concert Band and Drum Set Solo. I was asked to be a guest artist and decided I would rather write the piece than play one that already exists!