I am always working on new music, either writing, arranging, recording, mixing, transcribing, practicing, etc.  I completed my Master of Fine Arts in Game Audio in Music at ThinkSpace in 2018. Thus I have been writing a lot of game-style music, much of which you can find on my soundcloud page: www.soundcloud.com/tfbremer.  This is the most current music I have been writing.  Here is my stream:

I have done commercial work for Dow Agrosciences.  I created all of the music and sound design as well as recorded the voice over for the following spots:

The following are game audio redesigns.  I created all of the audio.  


Nine Worlds Ensemble is the chamber group I run.  More information on us at www.nineworldsensemble.com.  Our debut album, "The Seasons" is a double album of music inspired by nature and activities all year round.

Great Stone Stories is my third album, released September 22, 2013 at the Des Plaines Theatre, in Des Plaines, IL.  The album is a collection of Native American folktales set to my unique brand of progressive pop/rock.  Highly listenable, the album appeals to all ages and a wide variety of tastes.   

Set in a 2-act format, complete with a full orchestral overture and entr'acte, the album is in story style with the Great Stone providing narrations that provide additional explainations of the stories.  The primary band features a variety of instruments seldom heard in combination: flute, violin, viola, trombone, mallet percussion, guitars, bass, drums, and up to three singers on some tracks.  More info (including lyrics) can be found here:  Great Stone Stories

Here's an original I wrote for Concert Band and Drum Set Solo (Iā€™m playing the drum solo):

And here's an original I wrote for big band: