I have been teaching drums professionally for over 16 years.  I bring to lessons my experiences as a drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, vocalist, and artist.  I approach drumming instruction from a "big picture" perspective, looking at drumming as part of the fabric of music, and not a separate entity.  From this angle, I bring real-world musical examples into my instruction, and this keeps instruction from being simply a set of exercises (although that is a necessary part of it!).  You can expect to learn about the heart of music, and come to understand how drumming functions, not only from the perspective of the drums, but from a much wider perspective.  

I also offer music theory and composition lessons and direct ensemble classes.

Currently I am teaching out of School of Rock in Oak Park Monday through Thursday.

Here's some video of student performances that I've directed:

Photo by  Dorey Kronick

Photo by Dorey Kronick